A luxury resort experience in the mountains of Azerbaijan

The hotels of Park Chalet, Shahdag, Autograph Collection are situated in Shahdag, a beautiful mountain peak in the Caucasus Range of Azerbaijan's Gusar District. With an elevation of 4,243 meters, Shahdag Mountain is an amazing vacation destination between Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Located near Shahdag Mountain, our breathtakingly beautiful hotels are surrounded by towering peaks, stunning alpine lakes and incredible canyons. Mount Shahdag is one of Azerbaijan's best ski resorts as well as one of the most beautiful places for year-round mountain adventure.
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Experience a beautiful mountain destination for year-round sports and adventure. With magical alpine scenery and majestic peaks, Shahdag, Azerbaijan offers exciting activities, from winter skiing, snowboarding and snowmobile tours to summer hiking, horseback riding, and paragliding. Discover your adventure on Mt. Shahdag.
  • Fun Year-round Activities
    • Hiking
    • Skiing
    • Zorbing
    • Paintball
    • Quad Tours
    • Ice Skating
    • Snow Tubing
    • Snowboarding
    • Adventure Park
    • Horseback Riding
    • Snowmobile Tours
    • Off-Road Vehicle Tours
    • Snow Grooming Machine Trip
    • Tandem Paragliding Flights
    • Children's Entertainment Center
Top Things to Do in Shahdag
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