Aspen Grill & Lounge

Aspen Grill & Lounge

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Aspen Grill & Lounge is a place where steak dinner is done right.

Unwind in this vibrant steakhouse style restaurant with stunning mountain views and modern alpine décor. Aspen Grill & Lounge specializes in prime cuts of meat and grilled steaks, as well as regional dishes and kebabs.

Located on the seventh floor, this restaurant offers delicious local and international cuisines surrounded by views of the mountain peaks. Enjoy an incredible dining experience with mouthwatering food, a walk-in wine cellar, and impeccable service.
Indulge in the mixed kebab platter with specialty bread, salads, and scratch-made sauces. Enjoy authentic Azerbaijani dishes, including Mangal salad, Beef Gurza with Ajika, Chicken Chighirtma, and Shakh Pilaf with lamb.
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